Introducing ananea Kos Hotel

Cologne/Frankfurt, 21 June 2023: Introducing ananea Kos, the inaugural hotel from the new hospitality lifestyle brand 'ananea’, officially opening its doors this summer. This laid-back haven aspires to bring a sense of casual charm to beachfront boutique hotels, harmoniously fusing the everlasting allure of Greek hospitality with a sprinkle of effortless elegance.

With hospitality trailblazers, Berlin-based vision alphabet, and the renowned Remo Masala at the helm, the 74-rooms & suites, two restaurants, and bars have been designed to create a refuge, where guests are invited to indulge in harmony and togetherness. 

The hotel is born from Greek tradition - ananea coming from the Greek word 'ananeosis' which means renewal. A boutique hotel to be revitalised in, to relax, explore or simply have a good time, in balance with the community and the environment. That means food concepts based on simple, fresh, local ingredients elevated to new heights, paired with laid back experiences to be enjoyed with new friends. It means local and international talent serving as approachable staff. All supported by an architectural experience that prioritises deep comfort and wellbeing over over superficial glitz and shine. This is the essence of ‘slow glamour’ at the heart of the ananea Kos experience.

Slow Glamour – a new way of modern and mindful travel

To this end the architecture and interior design have an emphasis on elegance and craftsmanship, uniting minimalist forms with high-quality, natural materials such cotton, linen and the hardwood iroko, which when combined, creates a harmonious interior concept, encapsulating Mediterranean lightness with an effortless, timeless, elegance. The rooms themselves, furnished with a casual, pared back aesthetic, yet always with considered, attention to detail. 

Bathrooms immerse guests in an oasis of tranquillity, adorned with neutral tones and delightful touches such as natural and organic aloe vera products, sourced from the local brand Pandrosia. Formulated with utmost care and inspired by the wisdom of Hippocrates and Aristotle, these products embody the essence of the hotel’s ethos: a quest for a better life that finds its roots in the enchanting island of Kos. 

Adding a pop of colour to the hotel, bold contemporary murals adorn the walls, custom designed by Athens-based artist, Cacao Rocks (a.k.a. IASON). Using his unique blend of colour and shapes, Cacao brings a sense of vibrancy to the hotel, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a living art space and become part of the new cultural tradition of Greek art.

Taste of the Mediterranean

From sunrise to sunset ananea Kos nurtures the body and soul and nowhere more so than in the ‘cantina’ restaurant. Here quality ingredients such as anchovies, truffles, eggplant, cuttlefish, freshly baked bread, feta, beetroot and tomatoes, and an array of locally grown herbs, are combined with the latest global innovations to create a totally unique culinary experience. Sitting at long communal tables, guests come together to celebrate the island's rich past and become part of its bright future with a variety of mouth-watering dishes taking traditional Greek fare to new heights. Dishes include: roasted eggplant served with garlic, onions and olive oil; ‘Bougiourdi’, a greek dish of feta cheese, baked in a clay pot, served with peppers and spicy crushed red pepper, known locally as ‘bukovo’ and pork neck steak. For those with a sweet tooth, desserts include walnut pie and ‘Galaktompoureko’, a Greek dish of puff pastry rolls served with cream. 

With simplicity and quality as the key, ananea Kos offers fresh, local, organic produce of the highest quality. Collaborating with farms and green labels for a unique variety of dishes created by head chef Sanakis Antonis, who oversees the cantina restaurant, while chef Praxithea Semilari manages the kitchen of the hotel’s beach bar ‘paron’. Meanwhile at the ‘cicada’ bar guests will find world class cocktails (with and without alcohol) being expertly mixed and poured throughout the day.

Discovering Kos  

Nestled in the embrace of the Aegean Sea, the island of Kos beckons with its warm hospitality, pristine beaches, and delectable Greek cuisine. Guests are invited to discover the remnants of ancient civilizations as they stroll through the ancient ruins of Asklepion or marvel at the mediaeval fortress guarding the harbour. Renowned for its welcoming spirit, the island offers a tapestry of experiences to delight the senses and rejuvenate the soul.

A Vision of Harmony and Togetherness 

"ananea Kos is a refuge of harmony and togetherness among like-minded people.” 

This perfectly captures the vision of experienced brand professional Remo Masala, who developed the new hotel using local materials and design elements that incorporate local culture and traditions into the guest experience, grounding ananea Kos in its local heritage while creating a clear path to an international future.  

The new lifestyle hotel brand was developed by DER Touristik Hotel Division in collaboration with a team of consultants from the premium lifestyle segment. Remo Masala from vision alphabet spearheads the conceptual development in close collaboration with DER Touristik CEO Hotel Division DER Touristik Group Georg Schmickler. 

The new ananea brand supports DER Touristik Group Hotel Division's strategy of high quality and an increasingly individual hotel experience, with further ananea hotels planned in the upcoming years.

ananea Kos opened on 1 June 2023, is located around 50 m from Tigaki beach, and 20 km from Kos Town, and 20 km from Kos International Airport. 


ananea Kos is bookable online at, as well as through DER Touristik affiliated companies and travel agencies.