Calimera - have a nice day

 The relaunch of the Club Calimera brand began at the start of 2019. Consequently, the trademark will be shortened to "Calimera", and will use the C in the trade name in its logo. This sign represents the sun rising over the sea and thus signifies the central holiday theme for Calimera guests: sunshine and bathing. The new claim, "have a nice day", communicates a positive feeling – guests should feel like they're at home on their Calimera holiday. In service and infrastructure, Calimera is focussing more keenly than before on the target group of family. Join in activities with your family, relax, laugh together, play and enjoy yourself – this is what Calimera is all about.

The Calimera hotels are located in Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Tunisia and in Turkey. Checkout the website:


The Concept

Have a nice day!
Calimera is a place that creates unforgettable memories for the whole family - warm rays of sun on the skin, shining children's eyes, the feeling of happiness and freedom. The Calimera Ambassador is a charming guest advisor and ambassador of the Calimera philosophy and is always available for customer requests and queries.




Culinary Marketplace
At Calimera, you can feast to your heart's content! Regional products allow guests to experience their vacation destination even more intensively. And in the convivial and relaxed atmosphere of the Marketplace restaurant, well-being is guaranteed. At Calimera you can look forward to a varied buffet selection.




Calimera Living
Holiday time is family time. Calimera family rooms come with their own play area, which your kids will love. The stylish summer rack offers space for all your beach gear, which can then easily be stashed in a hired handcart to take to the beach.





Kids & teens
As usual, there is an extensive range of offers for kids between 3 and 12 years old in the Calimigo Kids Club. Our mascot Calimigo, a toucan, guides kids through the program, which has been drawn up in collaboration with teachers. Kids are cared for in age groups. Teenagers will be thrilled with the free WiFi so they can post their holiday pics on social media and not miss out on any likes. They can share their holiday highlights with each other and with the world in the Teens Lounge.



Family and friends
Calimera stands for wonderful moments together, laughing, playing and enjoying. The Beach Community Hub, a chill-out area on the beach and the Community Tables, large communal tables, are just a few places where families can enjoy their time together. Here you can quickly make new contacts, find playmates or meet like-minded people.





Naturally, until the introduction of the new concept all other Club Calimera hotels will follow the motto: "My heart says Calimera." and the associated promise – Club Calimera has always stood for warmth and conviviality. Customers who enjoy a diverse programme of sporting and entertainment offerings as well as a comprehensive, all-inclusive range are in the right place here. The little ones are well taken care of at Club Calimera too: in the Calimigo Kids Club, kids are cared for in different age groups. The tiger duck, the little bear, the little tiger and Günter Kastenfrosch accompany our little holidaymakers through their vacation.




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