With COOEE, we address those guests who value a stylish ambience while on holiday and like coming into contact with other guests. COOEE guests don't place importance on huge wellness facilities, extensive programmes of courses and four-course menus. Instead, they prefer to enjoy nature and their free time – whether on the beach or in the mountains. With COOEE, we offer these guests an environment that suits their lifestyle.

What guests can expect at COOEE


In the stylish COOEE Bistros guests can enjoy tasty snacks and ease into the casual, relaxed mood that makes these hotels so unique. The COOEE Bistros stand at the heart of each complex and are always designed individually, just like the hotels themselves.

COOEE – the word alone stands for the perfect mix of community and time for yourself. Everyone always finds their favourite place in these hotels. No matter if you want to withdraw a little or enjoy exciting encounters: our concept provides ample room for both. Perfect for switching off and getting away from the stress of everyday life.

Selected entertainment and fitness programmes are provided in individual hotels for guests seeking a little more action.

Guests come into contact with one another easily at COOEE - either in person or via their mobile device. With MyCOOEE, the digital guest map, and their smartphone or tablet, guests always have access to the information and experiences that you need to make a perfect holiday - individual, uncomplicated and in total comfort.

Guests meet in the Community areas. And COOEE lets guests stay connected everywhere at all times so they can share their experiences directly online.


COOEE alpin – the mountain calls!

COOEE is available in the mountains too! The COOEE alpin hotels situated in outstanding locations in the mountains expand on the sun & beach offers and, whether in summer or winter, provide active holidaymakers with lots of outdoor activities as well as excellent infrastructure.

No less than skiing professionals Hermann Maier und Rainer Schönfelder know best the requirements needed to make good skiing holidays and have implemented their visions in the new COOEE alpin hotels in Austria. They know what these holidaymakers want, for whom sporty activities in nature stand at the forefront: the accommodation is modern, cosy and functional.


MyCOOEE – the digital guest map

More and more COOEE hotels around the world are offering their guests the option to access useful information digitally via MyCOOEE. This ensures their holidays will be even more comfortable and enjoyable!

MyCOOEE can be accessed via tablets in the rooms, tablets on loan (reception) or via the customer's own smartphone or tablet.

MyCOOEE offers magazines & newspapers, entertainment, information about the hotel, a travel guide and much more.

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