Angela Rittig

Head of Sales & Marketing

The "Rheinländerin" has an international background and brings with her many topics from the business development sector with a focus on sales and revenue experience.
She has held positions at Hilton Berlin, Hilton Mainz & Mainz City and as Director of Operation at Hilton Durban, South Africa, and returned to Europe in 2009 as Regional Director of Revenue for Vienna Hotels in Prague. From 2013 she worked for Dolce Bad Nauheim as Director of Business Development until 2017; 2018-2020 she moved to Vienna to Grand Hotel Wien, a Leading Hotel of the World. Before joining DTHR, she worked as EAM at Romantik Hotel Klostergut Jakobsberg in Boppard, Germany, where she was responsible for Commercial and Rooms and the conversion of all revenue-relevant systems at the beginning of 2021.